Vaping information and Facts

Here is your lesson for the week to be presented 5th period.  It is a story of another death.

Vaping lesson Nov 12-15
Monday, Thurs - As of November 13, 42 deaths have been linked to vaping
Tues, Fri - As of November 13, 2,172* cases of lung injury due to vaping  have been reported to the Center for Disease Control.
Wed.  - Vitamin E acetate has been associated with the vaping lung disease and was recently found by the Center for Disease Control in 82% of the samples containing THC and in 62% of the samples containing nicotine
Nov 4-8
Monday and Thursday - A study by "Monitoring the Future" reported that the jump in vaping among students from 2017 to 2018 is the largest ever on record, for ANY SUBSTANCE
Wednesday - You can blame flavors for the increase in vaping.  90% of high school students who vape report using flavors.  Flavors have been found to lower teens perception of harm.
Tuesday and Friday - The nicotine in vapes make it harder for students to carry out tasks and stay focused on their work
October 28- Nov 1
It is really aimed at parents, but good information for the students need to hear, and some will see the described behaviors in themselves.  The thing that stuck out in my brain is that it takes an average of 6 times to quit. 
September 22-27
There are 2 things this week.
1.  I have attached an anti - vaping commercial
2.  Follow this link to a CNN report.  It is called " Disguised vaping devices are hoodwinking parents and schools"  The article is for you to read only.  Don't really want to give our kids any new ideas in case they don't know about "vaporwear" or " vape watches" yet.  The video is what you are to show your kids.  
Here the link from Good Morning America.
Sept 9 - 13
The article is great and there is a video about half way down the page.