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Upon graduation, BBHS students will be able to:

1) Demonstrate effective communication and mathematical skills:
  • Read with comprehension, write with clarity, speak with confidence, and listen actively.
  • Select and apply appropriate mathematical skills to solving problems.
  • Communicate ideas through a variety of avenues, including academic, artistic, and athletic performance.

2) Demonstrate career skills that promote success and growth:
  • Achieve workplace competencies.
  • Develop life and career goals for a changing society.
  • Work collaboratively, cooperatively, and independently.

3) Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving:
  • Process and apply knowledge to new situations.
  • Use a variety of analytical and creative thinking skills to make decisions and solve problems.

4) Demonstrate technological skills:
  • Use technology efficiently and intelligently through technology.
  • Enhance personal and career development through technology.

5) Demonstrate personal responsibility:
  • Exhibit good citizenship.
  • Demonstrate and model a strong work ethic.
  • Respect the rights and responsibilities of others.