Girls Cross Country 1st place at Woodbridge

Big Bear Remembers And Will Never Forget!

Remembering Our Fallen Hero

We will miss you warrior!

Students working College and Career Fair 2018

College and Career Fair 2018

Meet the Bears Day Fall

Thank you Ms. Burton

by Wendy Craig

Upcoming Events

Girls Golf CIF Individuals
Date: 10/22/2018
Tennis Silverado Home
Date: 10/22/2018, 3 PM 5 PM
CVL Meet @ Riverside Prep
Date: 10/23/2018, 3 PM 5 PM
Football Excelsior Away
Date: 10/24/2018, 4 PM 5 PM
Volleyball CIF Playoffs
Date: 10/24/2018, 4 PM 6 PM
Tennis Finals @ Granite Hills
Date: 10/25/2018
Football Excelsior Away
Date: 10/26/2018, 7 PM 9 PM
Volleyball CIF Playoffs
Date: 10/27/2018, 5 PM 7 PM
Girls Golf CIF TEAM
Date: 10/29/2018
Late start
Date: 10/29/2018, 9:10 AM 2:10 PM
Cross Country CVL FInals @ Horseman"s Park
Date: 10/30/2018
Tennis CIF Playoffs
Date: 10/30/2018
Tennis CIF Playoffs
Date: 10/31/2018
Volleyball CIF Finals
Date: 11/1/2018
Little Women play @ PAC
Date: 11/1/2018, 7 PM 9 PM
Tennis CIF Playoffs
Date: 11/2/2018
Volleyball CIF Finals
Date: 11/2/2018
Little Women play @ PAC
Date: 11/2/2018, 7 PM 9 PM
Football CIF Week 1
Date: 11/3/2018
Volleyball CIF FInals
Date: 11/3/2018

News and Announcements


The DEN is a place that Bears Sleep until it is time to come alive and defend "OUR HOUSE!" The DEN shows up at home games and can travel if needed. DEN is in the senior section of the GYM. You have to be a current member of the BBHS student body to have membership (ASB Cards) in the DEN. Your job is to cheer for our team as loud as you can. Our staff protects the DEN. And bears always show class. The Bears have been hibernating all summer time to come alive and defend! GO BEARS!

Bears who are or have served in the military

We are putting together a board in the main hallway of Big Bear High School for Alumni Bears that are or have served in the military. We are trying to uses their official military pick with the flag behind them. We also need the year of graduation from BBHS. They can be sent to Thanks for all your help. Thank you for your service and lets honor our graduates that are the 1%.

ICampus information

This message is regarding the Infinite Campus parent portal. Due to some system upgrades, there is a new ID for Infinite Campus. The new district ID is BDZNBF. The old district ID of KMXQHN has been re-activated as well

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Information on Parents in Support of Academics

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